Gerrianne G. Sakamoto, Realtor® (S)

Friend, wife, mother, sister, teacher, volunteer, business leader, music lover, international traveler, tennis player, ocean lover, avid reader, herb garden tender, Spanish and Portuguese speaker, piano player, wine and food enthusiast, party planner, stock club founder and nice person!

A Maui resident for more than 30 years, Gerrianne chose Maui as her home for all the wrong reasons. In the early 70's you were supposed to get your degree, get the corporate job, make $30,000 by 30, get married and live the high life. "I finished college in California, worked in the telecommunications industry, and felt like something BIG was missing. Today we call it quality of life, but then I just felt disconnected with the fast paced life of a big city. Friends and relatives in Hawaii offered me an opportunity to move to Maui or Oahu, and I chose Maui out of pure love. The economy was much slower then and was agriculturally based. The visitor industry wasn't as sophisticated as it is today. With few career opportunities - every waiter and waitress had a master's degree, I taught preschool during the day, waited tables at night, and sold puka shell necklaces and bikinis on the beach during the summers. I was very happy!" 

As the years went by Gerrianne built a house on the beach, ran a private school, worked again in telecommunications for MCI managed the cable television company on Maui, and started selling real estate in 1987. "I dropped out of business to teach school, and went back to business when the long distance world made telephone interesting. Cable television brought me so may opportunities to travel, meet new people, and rediscover the world outside Hawaii. I loved those years, and was blessed to be based on Maui." 

Real estate has given Gerrianne the challenge she wants and the flexibility she needs to hold onto that quality of life. "My clients are old friends, colleagues from my previous businesses, neighbors, referrals from clients and realtors and strangers from my web site. I am most proud that every year some of my clients are my former students. My closest client is a block down the street, and I'm working today with a couple from Singapore. I have everything I need in my home office to sell a home to clients in Honolulu, Denver or London. I have what you need to find the perfect property in Hawaii."

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